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1.Dental Material Choices for Pulp Therapy in Paediatric Dentistry
William N. Ha, Bill Kahler, Laurence J. Walsh
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16053   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 1

2.Efficacy of a new activation device in irrigant penetration into simulated lateral canals
Carlos Vieira Andrade-junior, Rafaela M Batista, Marilia Marceliano-alves, Lávio Rodrigues Ferreira Alves, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Silva
doi: 10.5152/eej.2016.16003   2016; 1 - 1 | Page 2

3.The Use of a Dental Dam during Implant Placement and Pertinent Literature Review
Tory Silvestrin, Leif Bakland
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16048   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 8

4.Nominal Size and Taper Analysis of Novel Metallurgy NiTi Files
Melita Islambasic, Marcelo Santos Coelho, Mary T. Pettiette, Peter Z. Tawil
doi: 10.5152/eej.2016.16014   2016; 1 - 1 | Page 5

5.Methacrylate Resin Adhesion in Root Canals Conditioned with Phosphoric Acid and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid
Peter M. Di Fiore, Jeffrey G. Phebus, Van T. Himel, Waldemar G. De Rijk
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17047   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 4

6.The Effect of Preoperative Administration of Antihistamine, Analgesic and Placebo on Postoperative Pain in Teeth with Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Hakan Arslan, Eyüp Candaş Gündoğdu, Meltem Sümbüllü
doi: 10.5152/eej.2016.16012   2016; 1 - 1 | Page 1

7.Endodontic Management of a Mandibular First Molar with Unusual Canal Morphology
Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17042   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 5

8.Apical extrusion of intracanal biofilm using ProTaper Gold, WaveOne Gold,Twisted File Adaptive, OneShape New Generation and K3XF
Recai Zan, Tutku Tunç, Ihsan Hubbezoglu, Zeynep Sümer
doi: 10.5152/eej.2016.16017   2016; 1 - 1 | Page 3

9.Comparison of the Effectiveness of Different Techniques for Supportive Removal of Root Canal Filling Material
Taha Özyürek, Ebru Özsezer Demiryürek
doi: 10.5152/eej.2016.16002   2016; 1 - 1 | Page 6

10.The Cervical Plexus: An Evolution Shift in the Accessory Innervation Theory
Daniel Uzbelger Feldman
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17002   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 17
Abstract | Full Text PDF

11.Bending resistance and cyclic fatigue life of a new single-file reciprocating instrument WaveOne Gold
Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Silva, Justine Monnerat Tinoco, Eduardo Muniz Barretto Tinoco, Victor Talarico Leal Vieira, Luciana Moura Sassone, Hélio Pereira Lopes
doi: 10.5152/eej.2016.16018   2016; 1 - 1 | Page 4

12.European Endodontic Journal: A Reflection on Current Achievements and Appreciation to Editors and Reviewers
Ismail Davut Capar, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
PMCID: PMC7006553  doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.1   2019; 4 - 1 | Pages 1 - 2
Abstract | Full Text PDF

13.Filling Material Removal with Reciprocating and Rotary Systems Associated with Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation
Natália Nascimento Gomes, Guilherme Moreira De Carvalho, Emílio Carlos Sponchiado Júnior, Lucas Da Fonseca Roberti Garcia, André Augusto Franco Marques, Fredson Marcio Acris De Carvalho
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16037   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 6

14.Influence of Continuous or Reciprocating Optimum Torque Reverse Motion on Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Two Single-File Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments
Eugenio Pedulla, Giacomo Corsentino, Emanuele Ambu, Fabio Rovai, Federico Campedelli, Silvia Rapisarda, Giusy La Rosa, Ernesto Rapisarda, Simone Grandini
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17012   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 21

15.Epoxy Resin-Based Root Canal Sealer Penetration into Dentin Tubules Does not Improve Root Filling Dislodgement Resistance
Gustavo De- Deus, Maria Claudia Brandão, Erick Miranda Souza, Claudia Reis, Kátia Reis, Ricardo Machado, Prasanna Neelakantan
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16059   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 7

16.Non-Surgical Endodontic Therapy as Treatment of Choice for a Misdiagnosed Recurring Extraoral Sinus Tract
Frederik Curvers, Petra De Haes, Paul Lambrechts
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17007   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 13

17.Efficacy of Different Irrigation Protocols for Removing Gutta- Percha and Sealer Remnants in Artificial Un-instrumented Areas
Antonio Garcia, Rocio Fernandez, Ana Arias, Cesar De Gregorio
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16033   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 9

18.Incorporating Antimicrobial Nanomaterial and its Effect on the Antimicrobial Activity, Flow and Radiopacity of Endodontic Sealers
Ana Beatriz Vilela Teixeira, Carla Larissa Vidal, Denise Tornavoi De Castro, Christiano De Oliveira- Santos, Marco Antônio Schiavon, Andréa Cândido Dos Reis
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16029   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 16

19.Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief thank the Associate Editors and Referees
Ismail Davut Çapar, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.1   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 2
Abstract | Full Text PDF

20.Influence of Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation on the Removal of Root Canal Filling Material in Straight Root Canals
Carlos Eduardo Da Silveira Bueno, Marcos De Azevêdo Rios, Marcelo Santos Coelho, Alexandre Mascarenhas Villela, Alexandre Sigrist De Martin, Augusto Shoji Kato, Vanessa De Oliveira Alves, Rodrigo Sanches Cunha
doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.16062   2017; 2 - 1 | Page 10

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