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1.Antibacterial effect of Cupral® on oral biofilms
Nadine Freifrau Von Maltzahn, Nico Sascha Stumpp
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.83997  Page 

2.Canal transportation and centering ability of Reciproc and Reciproc Blue with or without use of pathfinding instruments
Wajih El Hage, Carla Zogheib, Frédéric Bukiet, Germain Sfeir, Issam Khalil, Richard Gergi, Alfred Naaman
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.86570  Page 

3.Erosive potential of 1% Phytic Acid on radicular dentine at different time intervals
Zareen Afshan, Shahbaz Ahmed Jat, Javeria Ali Khan, Arshad Hasan, Fazal Qazi
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.02411  Page 

4.Fear and anxiety pathways associated with root canal treatments amongst a population of East Asian origin
Wei-Ju Chen, Ava Elizabeth Carter, Mark Boschen, Robert Love, Roy George
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.46338  Page 

5.Influence of final apical width on smear layer removal efficacy of XP endo finisher and endodontic needle: an ex vivo study
Divya Nangia, Ruchika Roongta Nawal, Seema Yadav, Sangeeta Talwar
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.58076  Page 

6.Comparative evaluation of physicochemical properties and apical sealing ability of a resin sealer modified with pachymic acid.
Ottilingam Kamalakannan Preethi, Vidhya Sampath, Nesamani Ravikumar, Sekar Mahalaxmi
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.68442  Page 

7.Vital Pulp Therapy An insight over the available literature and future expectations
Samer Ibrahim, Ruth Perez Alfayate, James Prichard
doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.44154  Page 

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