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Volume : 8 Issue : 1 Year : 2024


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European Endodontic Journal - Eur Endod J: 8 (1)
Volume: 8  Issue: 1 - 2023
1.Front Matter

Pages I - VI

2.Comparative Efficacy of Different Irrigant Activation Techniques for Irrigant Delivery Up to the Working Length of Mature Permanent Teeth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Ram Surath Kumar, Anil Ankola, Mateen Peerzade, Roopali Sankeshwari, Vinuta Hampiholi, Atrey Pai Khot, Mehul Ajit Shah
PMID: 36748449  PMCID: PMC10098464  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.87587  Pages 1 - 19

3.The Paradigm of the Inflammatory Radicular Cyst: Biological Aspects to be Considered
Nestor Rios Osorio, Javier Caviedes-Bucheli, Lorenzo Mosquera-guevara, Juan Sebastian Adames-martinez, Daison Gomez-pinto, Karin Jimenez-jimenez, Helida Avendano Maz, Sandra Bornacelly-mendoza
PMID: 36748442  PMCID: PMC10098462  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.26918  Pages 20 - 36

4.Tooth Fracture and Associated Risk Factors in Permanent Molars Treated with Vital Pulp Therapy and Restored with Direct Resin Composites: A Retrospective Survival Analysis in Young Patients
Nattakan Chaipattanawan, Papimon Chompu-inwai, Chanika Manmontri, Piriya Cherdsatirakul, Areerat Nirunsittirat, Phichayut Phinyo
PMID: 36748448  PMCID: PMC10098469  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.18894  Pages 37 - 46

5.Incidence of Postoperative Pain after Single Visit Root Canal Treatment using XP-endo Shaper, 2Shape and ProTaper Gold Rotary Systems: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial
Kriti Kapoor, Mandeep S Grewal, Ashtha Arya, Stutee Grewal, Krishna Prasad Shetty
PMID: 36748451  PMCID: PMC10098465  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.42104  Pages 47 - 54

6.Effect of GuttaClear on Postoperative Pain After Root Canal Retreatment: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Duangrat Sirijindamai, Wassana Wichai, Somsak Mitrirattanakul, Jeeraphat Jantarat
PMID: 36748447  PMCID: PMC10098468  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.85047  Pages 55 - 64

7.Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Maxillary Premolars with Non-carious Cervical Lesions Restored with Different Post Systems
Wing See Fiona Leung, Angeline Hui Cheng Lee, Christopher Liu, Mingxin Hu, Jeffrey Wen Wei Chang, Prasanna Neelakantan, Chengfei Zhang
PMID: 36748446  PMCID: PMC10098466  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.96720  Pages 65 - 71

8.Evaluation of Different Agitation Techniques on Smear Layer Formation and Dentine Erosions- An In Vitro Study
Deepa Mereen Mathew, Archana Durvasulu, Sandhya Shanmugam, Angambakkam Rajasekaran Pradeepkumar
PMID: 36748443  PMCID: PMC10098470  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.55477  Pages 72 - 78

9.Advanced Electrochemical Reamer (EC-Reamer) for Root Canal Treatment
Remya Ampadi Ramachandran, Wei Li, Shweta Khande, Ahish Shylendra, Amit Ranjan Trivedi, Qian Xie, Christine Wu, Mathew Thoppil Mathew
PMID: 36748441  PMCID: PMC10098461  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.86094  Pages 79 - 89

10.Knowledge, Attitudes and Performance of Iranian Endodontists to Patients with Kidney Diseases
Fatemeh Arabpour, Maryam Kuzekanani, Laurence James Walsh, Moghaddameh Mirzaei
PMID: 36748444  PMCID: PMC10098467  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.27247  Pages 90 - 95

11.Recovery of Pulp Sensibility After the Surgical Management of a Large Radicular Cyst: A Case Report with a 4.5-Year Follow-up
Hee-Jin Kim, Kyung-San Min
PMID: 36748445  PMCID: PMC10098460  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.30085  Pages 96 - 100

12.Maxillary Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Mimicking a Lesion of Endodontic Origin: A Rare Case Report
Kavita Dube, Anjaneya Dube, Preeti Jain, Sayantan Ghosh, Bonny Paul, Nupur Bhatnagar
PMID: 36748450  PMCID: PMC10098463  doi: 10.14744/eej.2022.29200  Pages 101 - 104

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