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Volume : 4 Issue : 1 Year : 2024


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European Endodontic Journal - Eur Endod J: 4 (1)
Volume: 4  Issue: 1 - 2019
1.European Endodontic Journal: A Reflection on Current Achievements and Appreciation to Editors and Reviewers
Ismail Davut Capar, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
PMID: 32161878  PMCID: PMC7006553  doi: 10.14744/eej.2019.1  Pages 1 - 2
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2.Programmed Death 1 (PD-1) and PD-1 Ligand (PD-L1) Expression in Chronic Apical Periodontitis
Ronan Jacques Rezende Delgado, Claudia Ramos Pinheiro, Thaís Helena Gasparoto, Carla Renata Sipert, Ivaldo Gomes De Moraes, Roberto Brandão Garcia, Clóvis Monteiro Bramante, Norberti Bernardineli, Celso Kenji Nishiyama, João Santana Da Silva, Sérgio Aparecido Torres, Gustavo Pompermaier Garlet, Ana Paula Campanelli
PMID: 32161879  PMCID: PMC7006555  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.46330  Pages 3 - 8

3.Influence of Apical Preparation Size on Effective Conventional Irrigation in the Apical Third: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study
Seth Butcher, Abeer Mansour, Mohamed Ibrahim
PMID: 32161880  PMCID: PMC7006559  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.06078  Pages 9 - 14

4.Calcium Hypochlorite Solutions – An In Vitro Evaluation of Antimicrobial Action and Pulp Dissolution
Karen Barea De Paula, Israel Bangel Carlotto, Daniel Feijolo Marconi, Maria Beatriz Cardoso Ferreira, Fabiana Soares Grecca, Francisco Montagner
PMID: 32161881  PMCID: PMC7006560  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.64936  Pages 15 - 20

5.Comparing the Ability of Different Materials and Techniques in Filling Artificial Internal Resorption Cavities
Kazem Ashofteh Yazdi, Mohsen Aminsobhani, Parvin Alemi
PMID: 32161882  PMCID: PMC7006561  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.13008  Pages 21 - 27

6.Accuracy of Software-Based Three-Dimensional Root Canal Length Measurements Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
J. P. Tchorz, K. T. Wrbas, C. Von See, K. Vach, S. B. M. Patzelt
PMID: 32161883  PMCID: PMC7006557  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.46320  Pages 28 - 32

7.Cleaning Ability of Irrigants and Orange Oil Solvent Combination in the Removal of Root Canal Filling Materials
Karina Rodrigues Salgado, Roberta Fonseca De Castro, Marina Carvalho Prado, Gustavo Antônio Brandão, Juliana Melo Da Silva, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Da Silva
PMID: 32161884  PMCID: PMC7006558  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.14632  Pages 33 - 37

8.The Effect of Chlorhexidine and Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Long-Term Microleakage of Two Different Sealers in Root Canals
R. M. Lindblad, L. V. J. Lassila, P. K. Vallittu, L. Tjäderhane
PMID: 32161885  PMCID: PMC7006554  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.02886  Pages 38 - 44

9.Clinical and Histological Findings of Post-Treatment Infection in the Presence of Vertical Root Fracture and Apical Periodontitis: Case Reports
Luciano Giardino, Nicola M. Grande, Paolo Savadori, Massimo Del Fabbro, Gianluca Plotino
PMID: 32161886  PMCID: PMC7006556  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.14622  Pages 45 - 48

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