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Volume : 3 Issue : 1 Year : 2024


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European Endodontic Journal - Eur Endod J: 3 (1)
Volume: 3  Issue: 1 - 2018
1.Editorial – European Endodontic Journal: From a Dream to an Indexed Journal
Ismail Davut Çapar, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
PMID: 32161848  PMCID: PMC7024720  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.1  Page 1
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2.Does Conventional Endodontic Treatment Impact Oral Health-related Quality of Life? A Systematic Review
Leonardo S. Antunes, Claudia R. Souza, Alessandro G. Salles, Cinthya C. Gomes, Livia A. Antunes
PMID: 32161849  PMCID: PMC7024716  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17017  Pages 2 - 8

3.Advantages and Applications of a New System for Classifying Roots and Canal Systems in Research and Clinical Practice
Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed, Paul Michael Howell Dummer
PMID: 32161850  PMCID: PMC7024718  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17064  Pages 9 - 17

4.Endoscopic Evaluation of Cut Root Faces and Histologic Analysis of Removed Apices Following Root Resection: a Clinical Study
Thomas Von Arx, Dieter Bosshardt, Andreas C. Bingisser, Michael M. Bornstein
PMID: 32161851  PMCID: PMC7024722  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17046  Pages 18 - 23

5.Periapical Healing of Endodontically Treated Teeth Filled Only in the Apical Third: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Roberto Gustavo Sánchez- Lara Y Tajonar, Karla Pamela Sánchez- Mendieta, Rita Elizabeth Martínez- Martínez, Rubén Abraham Domínguez- Pérez
PMID: 32161852  PMCID: PMC7024723  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17037  Pages 24 - 30

6.Influence of Method of Teaching Endodontics on the Self-Efficacy and Self-Perceived Competence of Undergraduate Dental Students
Annemarie Baaij, Ahmet Rıfat Özok
PMID: 32161853  PMCID: PMC7024725  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17048  Pages 31 - 37

7.Physico-chemical and Biological Properties of a New Portland Cement-based Root Repair Material
Letícia Chaves De Souza, Mamatha Yadlapati, Hélio Pereira Lopes, Renato Silva, Ariadne Letra, Carlos Nelson Elias
PMID: 32161854  PMCID: PMC7024724  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17018  Pages 38 - 47

8.The Influence of Humidity on Intra-tubular Penetration and Bond Strength of AH Plus and MTA Fillapex: An in Vitro Study
Bruno Piazza, Melissa Esther Rivera- Peña, Murilo Priori Alcalde, Bruno Carvalho De Vasconcelos, Marco Antonio Húngaro Duarte, Ivaldo Gomes De Moraes, Rodrigo Ricci Vivan
PMID: 32161855  PMCID: PMC7024719  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17036  Pages 48 - 54

9.Influence of an Innovative Anti-Corrosive Solution on Resistance of Endodontic NiTi Rotary Instruments: A Preliminary Study
Mohammed Ali Saghiri, Armen Asatourian, Franklin Garcia Godoy, Nader Sheibani
PMID: 32161856  PMCID: PMC7024721  doi: 10.5152/eej.2017.17043  Pages 55 - 60

10.Comparison of PathFile and ProFinder systems to create a glide path in curved root canals
Ruth Pérez Alfayate, Montse Mercade, Jorge Vera Rojas, Roberto Estévez Luaña, Ana Antoranz Pereda, Juan Algar, Rafael Cisneros Cabello
PMID: 32161857  PMCID: PMC7024717  doi: 10.14744/eej.2018.75047  Pages 61 - 65

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